Sharon Sharpe

"Art does not lie in copying nature. Nature furnishes the material by means of which to express a beauty more than she herself is conscious of." Henry James

Sharon Sharpe is aware of what James is talking about, for she is a fine example of an  artist who takes material furnished by nature and expresses it in a delicate and sensitive manner. Her interpretations are easy to view and understand. Painting the kind of art that people are comfortable with is instinctive to Sharon. Her art is not pretentious not indirect, but rather a simple statement of a natural subject. People relate to her art and find it easy to enjoy. A strong bond often develops between her art and collectors. This Washington artist paints a variety of subjects but concentrates most of her talents on Western themes. She portrays both the historic and contemporary. No newcomer to the art field, Sharon has exhibited extensively and received her share of publicity. She has had many one-woman and group showings. These exhibits have been on a variety of settings from museums to galleries. A number of newspaper articles have featured Sharon's art, and her biography has appeared in catalogues in most of the larger Northwest shows. Miss Sharpe was also the subject of an article in the Appaloosa News. Sharon is a very competent artist with an abundance of talent. Her renditions of the material nature has furnished are a welcome addition to any collection - I would encourage you to add her art to yours. J.M.Moynahan

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